Questions from across the Borderline…

A follower presented me with the following:

Hi there,
I stumbled across your tumblr about a week or two ago and it has taken me until now to pluck up the courage to ask you this…
but, how do you live with your bpd?
I was recently diagnosed and the whole idea of it has crippled me. I was fine before my psych labelled me, now everything seems like it has been turned on its head.
I’m just a little lost.

I think one of the important things to remember is, nothing has actually changed. You’re still the same person you were before the label, you’ll continue to be you, even after a label. The label doesn’t really mean anything anyways. It’s a starting point to help you on a path to a better life. That label, however, does not define who you are or the life you ultimately choose to lead.  I can’t say it will be easy for you, but for me, the label doesn’t mean anything but something to keep in mind as I work through all the various issues I’m working through. It’s a category header, with all the things I’m working on listed underneath. It’s also kind of encouraging to know that what I’m going through has been worked on enough to have a label. It means that people have researched, lived through, and progressed through lives lead fully, even healed as much as we can heal. Having that label means you’re not alone. Others have been where you are, are where you are, and others will be there too. You’re not alone. If it didn’t have a label, we would all be right where we were, but probably with a less clear path of how to heal. Try not to worry about it. It’s just a couple words, not a definition for who you are, just something you’re working through.

As for how I live with it. One day at a time. I work with my psych to balance my meds with my therapy/therapist. I try to live the best life I can and hold onto the positive influences I have in my life. I can’t say it’s always easy, it can be really hard some days, but I always try to remember that as long as I’m alive, I have a chance, a choice, to bring about change in my life.


4 comments on “Questions from across the Borderline…

  1. Thank you! =)That was exactly what I needed to hear I think!Silly words, but it just felt like i'd hit a massive brick wall. I suppose now I have something to go away and research? Something I can read about and successfully apply to my life.I'll get there! Thanks xxx

  2. Haven, that's a great answer and basically says it all. At the end of the day, once you've gotten over the inital shock or realistion that your personality has an actual name in a sense, you quickly find that life as normal continues. I also suggest to the reader that you don't go around telling people that you are BPD. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is just that it is not widely known about or understood. I also find that there are cruel, insensitive or unenlightened people out there who will see it as either a vulnerablity or an excuse, and instead of supporting you, they may choose to aggravate you. By all means, if it's a very close, trusting relationship you have with someone, then use your own judgement. But the label is for you to access your own self-awareness at the end of the day, it's nothing more.Take care, and remember, as Haven said, you aren't the only one. That's another nice thing about the label, you realise you're not alone.

  3. No probs Haven. I really like your blog, but for some reason it takes a long time to scroll up and down the page. I would like to comment on more of your older posts but sometimes I'm so impatient that I don't get round to them.It's either my computer or the background you use that effects it. I don't know. It's s shame since I love your background. Meh, maybe this is an opportunity for me to learn not to be so impulsive, and instead, wait for my reward. lol!! 😀

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