Questions from across the Borderline

A reader asked:

My psychiatrist won’t even consider borderline as a possible diagnosis because I’m not 21. Is that normal? Do you have any advice?

Hm. I know most psychiatrists won’t consider diagnosis until at least 18. 21 seems a little high. This is mainly due to the fact that people’s personalities are still developing and they don’t want to influence how your personality might evolve on its own. I would advise working on the symptoms, those issues that lead you to believe you have a borderline personality. Even without the official label of BPD, the underlying symptoms are there and undeniable. Working with a psych or a therapist on all of those things will certainly still help. With my therapist we don’t sit there and dwell on BPD. We work on my depression, handling and coping with my dissociation, finding healthier ways to manage my emotions instead of cutting, etc. Even without an official diagnosis there is still a lot of help you can get for yourself.


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