When a glass of wine and 100mg of Trazadone don’t even phase you, you know it’s going to be a long night ::sigh::

4 comments on “Insomnia

  1. I miss my youth… I can still go two days straight with enough water/caffeine, but I can't go three anymore…Went five days without sleep after a big surgery some months back. Went pretty much batty near the end :PSleep well, whenever you do.

  2. I had insomnia for nearly 7 years straight, and still have long periods of recurrent insomnia. It's a bitch. It used to be a lot more productive for me, but now it tends to mess with my concentration and is terribly for my moods. Hah, oh yeah, that much sleep deprivation is sure to mess with the mind. I managed to watch all of season 3 of Dexter last night before I was able to fall asleep. At least I didn't wake up too much after that.

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