Borderline Geekery…

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” ~Jedi Master Yoda

What bullshit. This is why I’m Sith. I wrap myself in the thing I fear to lose, the intensity pulsing through everything I am, and fight to hold on with a death grip.

Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.

                                             – The Sith Code

**Oh yeah, I’m a Star Wars geek. Don’t judge.**

14 comments on “Borderline Geekery…

  1. @TNP … Better fashion sense indeed. Hah. Jedi aren't emotionless, they simply repress their base urges under a guise of outward selfless servitude. The Sith rely on their passion for their strength, embrace their urges, think inwards towards their own means. I wouldn't worry if I were you ::wink::

  2. @ib … I embraced the dark side long ago. My Master will not give me up without a confrontation. ::smiles:: So to give you a hint of the extent to my geekery. I actually have a Sith persona. I'm a Sith apprentice on the verge of promotion to Saber. I have a chosen Race (Twi'lek), back ground, concept art of my own design, a nearly complete Sith costume (just need to finish my leku), currently working on my light sabers (two short sword styles), … my Lord has bestowed me with the appellation of Darth Feenix.I'm quite entrenched. It will take an effort to turn me towards the light.

  3. never really thought about star wars like that… the good guys are very rational and calm in a crisis, and the bad guys are the ones who tap into their emotions.a guy in my work got one of these. as part of my job i am the laser safety officer so i had to ban him from bringing it in to show to people, but it is pretty cool!

  4. Wow, your geekery has far exceeded my realm of comprehension. You lost me at Sith to Saber, and then at Twi'lek, and then at leku, but I will admit that I like that you weald two sabers and the Darth Feenix could bring about fear in someone. It's like "Keyser Soze", ish.

  5. I'm way too cocky and head strong to devote myself to one or the other, but going off my own nature, I'd inadvertently go darkside-ish. May as well say the right prayers and make the right vows with my fingers crossed if it keeps me alive longer. Sort of, mild dose of Sith meets Han Solo. :PMost of the male aliens in Star Wars look super silly, so I'll go human/Mandalorian. It always helps to be well versed in combat tactics screaming out of the womb 😉

  6. Heehee, I can see that. Dark side is seductive though. Nothing by halves, take it all. Plus we have cookies =) For guys I'd stick to human/humanoid as well. Female species have a lot more attractive options, which hardly surprises me.

  7. Nope, I've never stayed on one side or the other unless I had a reason to. Good deeds for good, good deeds for bad, bad deeds for good, bad deeds for bad. No one can measure your heart but you, it's said, and I'd have to find the damn thing first!I'd rather be a swaggering mercenary with force powers, more likely to wield booze and blasters over fancy clothes and shiny laser razors. That is, until I need to 😛 Walking around looking like a holy man for one master or another, and wielding a deadly glow stick gets you nothing but attention. Attention I don't need.

  8. Good and bad are perspectives. Choosing what to do and when for your own needs is exactly what a Sith does. The problem with not aligning, at least at first, is you can only be fully taught by a Jedi or Sith Master which requires alignment. The beauty of Sith apprenticeship though, once we've learned all we can from our particular Master, it's rare to not, um, severe, the relationship. Permanently. But yeah, that takes a lot of time and patience. I'm sure you can learn some on your own. And having blaster-y fashion fun while you're at it as a perk. Only the Jedi walk around openly displaying who they are. Sith are more subtle but we still tend to stay back in the shadows. If flashy and full throttle is your way, you can have a lot of fun with the mercs. You can get a cool ship too. I'll post my concept art sometime soon. 'Holy man', is not how anyone would describe this dress code =D

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