Listen. Breathe. Relax.

It’s stress.
I was planning on running errands on my lunch break.  At the last minute I decided to not.
Instead I picked up my book and went to see an Orchestral Recital by the winning Trio from an acclaimed Chamber Music Competition (yes, I like chamber music, hush). I sat in the back of the theater, opened my book and let the music wash over me. Lost myself in the words on my pages. Occasionally closing my eyes and letting the music run through me. Breathing. Nothing more.
The shift in my mood is palpable.
Stress is very triggering for me. It’s hard to find time to sit back and relax when there is so much stuff looming. However, it is so very necessary. Especially for someone that has such explosive moods like me.
Just an hour. Relaxing. Doing something I enjoy.
I need to remember to take time for myself.
It’s amazing how much something so small can affect such great change.
Remember things like this is difficult for me, it’s part of the reason Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not sufficient for treating personality disorders. Holding onto these ideas is often overridden by our nature.
I need to try harder to remember.
Manage stress better. Take time to relax.
Just breathe.

3 comments on “Listen. Breathe. Relax.

  1. You would think that the thing that doesn't even require thought to do would be the easiest, but sometimes it is simply the hardest. I always find that music helps me calm down; it's the way to distract me and help the breathing, de-stressing process.

  2. It does seem like it should be such as easy thing. I just get so caught up in all the crazed thoughts and feelings, completely swept up, so it doesn't even register to think about calming down, let alone doing the things that could potentially calm me down.

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