Pen to Paper…

Or ink to flesh, as the case may be.
Body modification. I appreciate all forms of it. It may not all be to my taste, but I understand the need for the expression.

I have 19-20 piercings (I have an industrial that is technically 2 pierce points but one bar).

3 tattoos (2 of which are very large).

And multitudes (read: an excess) of scars.  Especially towards my older years I’ve developed patterns to my cutting. Symmetry and numbers in groupings. I find my scars beautiful. I never hide them. A part of me and where I’ve been. The cause behind my need to do this may be ugly, but the effect conveyed as an expression of my victory over the cause, my survival, is beautiful. Harsh journey, but I’m still here to continue on it. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Back to the point. Going in for a tattoo consultation today! I’m very excited. I started drawing this almost a year ago but due to all the wackiness that is my world I haven’t been able to finish my concept or iterate it to the point of completion. I’m done now, and I want it on me. It is a highly symbolic piece (to me), representing the trials and tribulations, deaths and rebirths of my life. A reminder that no matter what, there is always the chance for something new, something different. No actual ink today. Just sitting down with the artist. This is going to be a very large piece so we’ll have to work on fitting it to my body (though I did draw it with this in mind), how, or if, various aspects can be done, etc. Of all my impulsive inclinations… tattoos are not one of them. Well, mostly. As soon as I have an idea for one I need I make the decision. My compulsions necessitate that I obsess over the details until it’s exactly what I want.

So today is the first step! (Again) I’m very excited =)

**Squee**!!! I am even more excited having talked to my artist! He sees no problems with my design. He’ll sit down with it in a couple days to refine it and then we’ll set up an appointment! So happy! I actually had those little nervous butterflies as I was sitting waiting to meet up with him. Good nervous. The kind that pump up your adrenaline just a little bit. Leaving the parlor I just keep going up. I have not been this up or this happy in a long, long time. So much energy. Went straight to the gym and had the best/longest run I’ve had in ages. Gah! I want to spin in circles I’m so stoked! ::bounce bounce:: I so love that adrenaline pop up. I feel so good right now =)

7 comments on “Pen to Paper…

  1. Awesome. I think PD have a huge influence over body modifications. It's a way for us to express on the outside of our body what we feel/see on the inside of our body especially when we can't seem to get out words to do it for us. I use to have a lot of piercings but for various reasons had to remove them. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. You're so right =) If there's one thing I've learned, being able to express what is going on inside, understand it, and release it is so important. I can't wait. I may actually post pics of this in the various stages (if not I'll send to you), because at the very minimum it will be 2 sittings. Probably more like 3.

  3. Woo Hoo !!!! I just wanted share in your jubulation. Now, I have no ink and will likely not get any done but I do appreciate it. (At least the good ones) I want to see the work, that is unless it is close to the nether regions. I then, can understand not wanting to go public, and I respect that.

  4. Oh ib I am so ridiculous excited I can't even describe. My artist does seriously amazing work so I'm even extra excited for it. No nether regions per say, haha. It'll hit right under my right breast, down my side/back, and over my hip flowing with the natural curve of my body. Shouldn't be anything too risqué so nothing I wouldn't mind sharing =)

  5. Yay, I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see it!!@Maasiyat, I definitely agree that body modifications and PDs have a great connection. I actually have a half sleeve (still in progress) that is all about my BPD…funny thing is, I got it spontaneously (impulsive much?) before I even knew I had BPD.

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