Take home therapy

Lucid analysis post is too long so I’m putting this assignment in it’s own post.
Homework:  Pay attention, from within yourself to the experiences of being with the special and/or important people in your life. Pay close attention to your internal senses about the experience. Try to fully engage your sense of sight, your hearing, your sense of smell, your sense of touch, what the experience felt like to you.
In therapy each week: try to write about at least one meaningful experience each week in session. You can write about before session if you’d like to. Try to describe the experience in detail, fully engaging your senses.
Visually, how it looked around you, the beauty or starkness of the experience,
The music or sounds you heard,
The smells around you what you were able to hold and feel in your hands with our sense of touch,
How the experience made you feel.
One positive thing that stands out the most about the experience that has meaning for you. Draw a picture that represents something important to you about the experience.
Suggestions for enjoyable bonding times:
Go for an exhilarating nature walk in a beautiful place.
Go kayaking on the bay early in the morning or at sunset.
Together, read chapters of a favorite book outside in nature.
Walk together through a colorful flower arboretum on a summer day.
Get acrylic paints and sit by a lake to paint a picture of the scenery around you.
Prepare a healthy lunch and snacks and have a picnic at a park
Go swimming at a fresh water lake on a warm summer day.
Get your favorite ice cream cones and sit in your car together overlooking the bay or ocean and watch a storm over the water.
Wash your hair outside on a hot summer day, in a passing heavy rain.
Take a few free yoga courses to learn the restorative and relaxation poses, and then get your yoga mats out in your home on a rainy day, light candles and practice the yoga poses or asanas as they are called, in a favorite room in your house.
Teach each other a dance that you remember learning or always wanted to learn when you were younger or that you want ot learn now.
Share you favorite music, and then sit and talk together about whatever comes to mind.
Have a spa treatment day in your home.
Take a photo together from one of these occasions, and frame it for both of you to always have.
After each of these times that you share together, tell your loved ones how much you love spending time together, how much joy they bring to your heart, and how happy having them as your friend or family member, makes you feel.

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