Please, Allow me to Introduce Myself (Again)

Hello, I’m Haven.

As you’ve probably already guessed by joining me here, I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder. This blog is the documentation of my struggle, my self-awareness, the information I gather and the understanding I hope to provide. My world is, different. It’s a challenge. To most people that know me, not only do I appear to live a double life, but it feels like I live 3 or 4; shifting depending on the situation and how my very volatile moods may swing. An angel and a devil (without the funny Christian connotations), I am both, often at the same time; one big ball of tumbled craze, rage, and ecstasy.  

I have struggled with this disorder and the co-morbid symptoms and signs I display for most of my life. Finally, finally, I have chosen to seek help to stop the hurting, internally and externally. Sometimes my thoughts are calculated and cool, others they whirl and race, I hope that what time you spend with me will be informative and inspirational. The symbol of my journey I have imprinted on my body. As mentioned over at My Own Private Idaho ( thank you for  the lovely write up I very much appreciate it!) you can read about the very real dedication I have come to embrace in my life which I represent in permanent ink. Like my journey, it is a work in progress. I am not what you call conventional, by any means.

Nothing by halves.  Take the world by the throat and wring all the life out of it you can. You only get the one. 
Welcome. Thank you for joining me. 

6 comments on “Please, Allow me to Introduce Myself (Again)

  1. Its lovely to meet you Haven :)Thank you for your support on my blog and I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog.By the way, I was really impressed with your 'In the Moment' art work for the Expressive Arts Carnival, it was beautiful and so full of emotion.

  2. Your words are pure honey. I have been strolling from post to post and you can just mesmerize me with the pictures you paint. Thank you for letting us travel alongside you on your journey. I meant what I said, and am addicted to your blog now.

  3. Thank YOU for sharing this journey, Haven! I check your blog now just as often as I do facebook 🙂 As you move forward and work to sort all this out, to understand your mind, to learn how to cope-you truly are helping others in either understanding themselves, or like in the case of myself, helping me to understand someone I truly love who fights the same battles. Thank you! Emily

  4. @Maasiyat… ::hugs::@MultipleMe… I'm so intrigued by your blog. And thank you! That was one of the very first paintings I've done (I just started learning to paint). I was just so moved by it I'm glad I got to share it. @Lost… I'm happy to have you along for the ride. All I can guarantee is that it's gonna be a bit bumpy haha =) Thank you. @Emily… I worry some days when I fall back a step or two that it will discourage people, but that's the nature of the disorder and I hope that people can see that regardless of small falls that it's possible to keep pushing forward. Your support is really fantastic, thank you so much.

  5. No way, the setbacks aren't discouraging. In my opinion, it's the detail of those setbacks and falls that add the most inspiration, because it's real and unmasked and in time, we see a rebound following the fall that gives even more insight. A journey with nothing but success and peaches wouldn't seem logical. emily

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