I’m contemplating quitting engineering and going into clinical psychology.

Currently all I know is that I detest the work I’m doing. Doing this kind of work has made me nothing but miserable for the past few years. I love school. Psychology fascinates me.

I’m not going to up and quit my job today or anything. I think it would be something good for me to look into though.

Eventually I would probably focus in personality disorders, mood and bipolar spectrum disorders.

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  1. Well being the me that I am, I would say if you TRULY are UNHAPPY, then there is nothing wrong with changing fields especially if you're changing to something that you're truly passionate about. BUT for me this "passion" often changes with the wind. I am PASSIONATE about many things but often that passion fades. It's like a momentary high and then I find somethign new to ge "passionate" about so for me to pick a "field" to invest time, money, and school in would be very difficult. But I think your attention span and awareness is much higher than mine so my only advice/concern would be that it truly is something you WANT and it's not that you feel that you're "failing" at your job which is making you miserable and not the actual job itself. Because if it is your feeling of "failure" then you'll have the exact same experiences regardless of where you go or what you do.

  2. Hm. That's a perspective I hadn't thought about. I'll have to think on the things you said. Thank you. I'm sure I'll be discussing it with my therapist, parents and all before I make any final decisions, but I really do not enjoy anything about what I'm doing. The only time I've felt decent in my job is when I'm accomplishing something and I believe that's more because I do love the feeling of accomplishment, regardless of what it is that I'm accomplishing, even if the work itself is unfulfilling. The rest of the time I'm just miserable here.

  3. Then I would say go for it! Because I have no doubt that you would do it in a manner that would better your life and not be detrimental. I mean you just said the most important thing I'm sure I'll be discussing it with my therapist, parents and all before I make any final decisions, but I really do not enjoy anything about what I'm doing.The fact that you can process that far without just jumping in is amazing. I so wish I could do that. This is my problem. I want something I get an idea or passion and then I jump too soon before I have everything ready so it all falls apart. But I think you would be great in the pyschological field. You have an amazing sense of awareness into the WHY's of things. Their true root not just the surface why. I really do believe that regardless of what field you choose to pursue that you would do an amazing job.

  4. Do what you want to do keeping in mind to be realistic with your finances. As a start, I would try volunteering and/or later find a job that would help you see if you like working with people on that level. Take some courses that are clinical in nature. Not just cognitive, but "hands on."I'm glad that you will be discussing this with those who are important in your life and know you best. I am planning to apply for a doctoral program in clinical psychology for the fall of 2013. My therapist and husband are totally behind me. I'll be in my fifties when I finish, but many change careers around this time in their life. Make sure you you can handle material that brings up your issues.Good luck

  5. Find a way to test the waters…Wheter it is volunteering or classes. You would probably make and excellent counselor…most of them go into the field because they too are wounded in some way. Because of everything you have been through, you understand on a level not many people understand. This can be VERY helpful to people. Good luck on this new journey. I think if this is your passion then you should try to make it happen. Take care.

  6. shame you're finding your job unfulfilling – you were pretty excited about it when you got it.don't make any rash decisions but if you are sure you don't want to be in that industry (would you possibly like a sideways move where you are?) then yes you need to change.i've had a few wonderings about becoming a hypnotherapist (i always pronounce it in my head as hypno-the-rapist…) myself, but i'm pretty happy in my job at the mo so it's more of a backup plan.

  7. I think it's a sure thing you'd be awesome in the field, but I would also caution against making a quick decision. I agree with the idea of doing what makes you happy-and if you're not happy with your job and you have obvious talent and interest in another field, wow go for it. This life is what you make it. You just want to be sure you have the finances set up to get you through. You don't want to create that stress for yourself. Best of luck, you'd be great for sure! Emily

  8. I was studying psychology before I got sick and plan to go back once I am feeling better. One of the major concerns my mum and friends had was that if I became a psychologist that I wouldnt handle it because of my own problems.Ive talked to a few psychologists and lecturers about this and they disagree – they think the fact that I have been on the 'healing journey' allows me greater insight and empathy. You just need to be sure that you take care of yourself and dont start taking the work too personally.I pass this advice on because if you choose to take this path this is something that might concern you. Honestly agree with everyone if its a well thought out idea and you feel that it would make you happier and be a more for filling job then you should go for it. Good luck with your decision and I look forward to reading the results.

  9. You mean you're not a psychologist already?? 🙂 I always feel like I'm reading a personal file and research blog. lol What I'm trying to say is that I think you would be great at it. When I need info, I come here. Thanks.

  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I've been thinking about a career change for a long while now. For all the ways I'm impulsive, my large life goals are not an area of impulsivity so I think I'll be fine. I do honestly believe that since this is the only life I have I need to make the most out of it and being miserable 9 hours a day, 5 days a week is a waste of life as far as I'm concerned. Keeping in mind that I shoudln't take things too personally is very good advice, thank you. I'm also of a mind that my own journey will allow me greater insight into the lives of the people I hope to work with so I can use my own experience to tune in towards others. I'm in no way afraid to see my own issues reflected, that's really the point of this whole blog and journey to begin with. To see within and bring it all out. Finances is my main concern. I'm looking into scholarships/grants right now and I don't plan to quit my current job right away. I'll probably start off going part time while I work. Thanks again for all the thoughts and advice.

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