Will resume shortly…

Full day of laboratory functions today. Just have a few minutes to get a quick blog in.
Drank late last night. Stayed awake hours past when I should have gone to bed. Tired, little brain foggy. I’ve been so extremely stressed out over the presentation I have to give.  I know last night I broke and just didn’t care anymore.
I feel outside of my own skin now, however not feeling like me is almost useful. Dressed up in some of my nicer work attire, hair pulled back into a bun, glasses, walking around with my laboratory badge and notepad my projected image is on of extreme professional. Dressing the part, looking the part, I feel more the part. It’s all a stage play for me today.
My day:
730a-9a: Analysis and presentation organization
9a-1030a: Vendor Presentation
1030a-12p: Analysis
1p-530p: Colleague Talks and Presentations
4p: My presentation
6p: Mandatory dinner function
8p: Home/fight practice
Long, long and drawn out. 12-hour role play. This will be my day. It would be nice if once I slipped into this persona I actually was this person. No matter how many times I do this, how often I slip in on, it always feels like I’m wearing someone else’s skin; stretched a little too tight.
We’ll resume our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.
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