Be Mindful. Be Still.

I’ve never been much of a yoga fan, but since I started working at the Laboratory I do yoga on lunch every Wednesday. My body is fatigued. My brain is exhausted. I can barely  sit upright, and yet…
It’s a very mellow exercise. Not strenuous. Calming for a turbulent mind.
As rushed and as hectic, as tired and exhausted as I am, I go. I change out of my work clothes for an hour. Slip into the cool room lit only by sun through partially curtained windows and I wait. I lie down on my mat, allow the cool air to wash over me and listen as the instructor puts on quiet, peaceful music.
We start with basic stretches, gradually progressing to yoga poses, and the cool down. We conclude with meditation and then lying down in corpse pose.
I allow my mind to roam freely, flitting where it will, until my thoughts are released and I am blissfully blank.
I go back upstairs and change into my work clothes to return to my office.
The calm stays with me.
My entire body feels lighter, a little more energy… at peace.
There will always be things to return to, but rarely are they ever so pressing as we perceive them. It’s important to take time to relax, be mindful, and be still.   

4 comments on “Be Mindful. Be Still.

  1. Love yoga. I miss being able to do it like when I lived alone. I don't get that calming effect out of it now because I am constantly looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is about to walk in. I envy you being able to lose yourself in it.

  2. @Midnight, any particular reason you couldn't go back? I recommend it, which is something I've never really done for yoga before. I'm a high energy exerciser and traditionally always felt that yoga was barely exercise at all, but what I overlooked was that while it's not very physically strenuous, the health benefits are total mind and body, not just body. Def give it a try again. @Maasiyat… Yeah I'm definitely developing an appreciation for it. It's so soothing which, I think we both know, is something to be covetted.

  3. I'm glad to see you had such a positive reception to yoga! I know it's made a world of difference in my life and has become my first love. I could get into a very deep and long discussion about it so I'll just sum it up by saying it does help a tremendous lot on several levels. I've come such a long way with it I am actually going to be training to teach it starting in September. I feel it could be valuable to many not the least of which are other people with similar circumstances and issues.

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