Holy crap! I just applied for college again! I had to apply for Spring Semester because it’s so close to start of Fall semester. I’m hoping that since I’ll just be a part-time evening student that I’ll be able to start Fall though. I e-mailed the Psych academic advisor to set up a meeting for Monday to go over my transcripts, potential transfer credits, and possibility of Fall admission.
My Goal:
B.S. in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Art Therapy
Take a year off to meditate and paint in a Tibetan Monestary.
Come back for either my M.S. or PhD. in Clinical Psych.
Ok, maybe I won’t take a year off to go to Tibet but it’s absolutely what I want to do right now. I would love nothing more than to quit my job, pick up, and go live a zen existence for 6 months to a year.
I digress.
HOLY CRAP! It just felt like filling out any other form while I was doing it then like 10 minutes later it hit me that, yes, in fact, I just applied for college again!
Even if I have to wait until Spring semester I won’t be deterred. It will give me more time to really save up my money and ensure that I can afford this. Also eliminating any possibility that this is an impulsive decision.
I’m so very excited. I want work to be over so I can go run about 10 miles and burn off some of this excitable energy ::laughs::
Oh, and a buddy of mine bought me a stuffed giraffe because I wear my hair in weird little deedleybobbers sometimes. Giraffes have deedleybobbers. It’s so adorable.
The doodle-bobbers vs. deedleybobbers debate rages on

3 comments on “Application

  1. Sounds like a GREAT plan…and if you can do Tibet…go for it! I too have a dream to go there and to Egypt and Greece. I love mythology!! I am excited for you. I wish I could go back to school…I just think I am too old now. I was never given the opportunity to go out of high school and I did not have the courage back then to do it on my own. I wanted to be a psychiatrist even back then! Now I would settle for LPC or anything in the helping field. This is really good news. I do hope it all works out for you.p.s. I am also INTERRUPTION!! LOL. I have D.I.D. and we have 5 blogs! So, sometimes this blog can be a little angry and ugly. I hope it does not offend you. But since I used the other one for the #trust30…we feel like we cannot post our feelings on it any more!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge on this subject. It truly has helped us.

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