In full on hurricane preparation mode currently. I may or may not have electricity/interwebs for the next few days as the storm is beginning to hit us. It won’t be too bad until late tonight/early tomorrow but in case I don’t post for a few days…. blame Irene, not the fact that I’ve been so preoccupied I can barely focus on typing.


5 comments on “Hurricane

  1. The best of luck to you. Hopefully Irene passes without much incident. The best advice I can give having gone through one is: don't put duct tape on your windows. It's silly and useless (tape doesn't stop flying trees) and it leaves a residue.Again, good luck.

  2. Haven, I've read so many of your posts and am not sure where you live because I live in Florida but I've been dealing with BPD, depression and ADHD my entire adult life since it finally took the right doctor to properly diagnose and medicate me appropriately. I've been over-medicated and under-medicated so many times in the last 20+ years it's scary however in reading everything I see the same patterns and wanted to reach out to you because although there's no cure there's a physician that I owe my life to for having stabilized my frantic, roller coaster of emotion filled life. His name is Leland Heller and he's in Florida however, his site is filled with substantial and proven information including properly medicating those with our dx. So many physicians and psychiatrists OVER medicate us between Lamictal, Abilify, Risperdal, etc that it only MASKS the symptoms it doesn't assist us in retraining our brains. Additionally, he found in over 80% of his pt's that they were misdiagnosed with Bi-Polar!! I currently take Prozac, Buspar, Adderall and Tegretol and Haldol only as needed when I become dysphoric. I know it sounds like a lot but it's truly not when I'm able to fully function as what society deems to be close to normal… Lol Anyhow, here's my email address if you're interested in touching base with me: davisgard@yahoo. I'm not advertising his site or anything like that but truly believe that when I encounter others such as myself that I should share his information because he's truly saved my life…. Regards, Francine

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