Thoughts from the Borderline

I like to do nice things for people. It makes me feel good to do things that I know other people enjoy. It makes me feel useful and wanted.
I don’t really know how to justify someone else appreciating me if I am not doing things for them.
I don’t need this approval, but approval from people that I’ve not done anything for seems suspicious to me.

4 comments on “Thoughts from the Borderline

  1. I can't accept it either way but approval/acknowledgement/praise from someone that I've done nothing always makes me think they must want something or they are not "real" friends that they are using me in some way. Any of the above for something I've done makes me feel like the person is too nice to tell me I suck.. sometimes I would like a vacation from my brain lol

  2. incoherent thought: what's the difference between being approved & being appreciated? i appreciate when people do nice things for people i care about–it's sort of a second-hand kindness towards me. just random devil's advocacy of sorts…

  3. @Maasiyat… I feel the same way exactly. I'm slowly, slowly learning that the people that appreciate the things I actually do might actually mean it though. You have so much to offer and you DO contribute so much! I wish I could make you see what a wonderful woman you are.

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