Investing in my mental/emotional… financial future

I’ve noticed that the more emotionally invested in my coworkers I become, the more invested in my work I become. It’s not just a matter of doing a good job because I should do a good job. It’s a matter of I NEED to do a good job to not disappoint CoWorkerA or I NEED to get this done because CoWorkerB is counting on me. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that this is what it takes for me to be intensely invested in a job, but still, as I have never had social ties at my places of employment I find this interesting. My personality is so split between home and work I’ve never made human connections at work. I go. I do my job. I leave. Collect paycheck. Now it’s different. I’m really getting to know everyone I work with. I enjoy their company. I’m becoming invested in them as people, not just colleagues so I want to do things for them. Because I like to do things for everyone I’m emotionally invested in. At least here I’m getting paid to do all the things I’m doing for people.
I’m liking the people I work with, and by extension I’m like the work that I’m doing. I’m not sure I find it personally satisfying, but knowing the job I do is of benefit to the people around me is satisfying in its own way. I’m sure there is something screwy with this. I need to think about this more. Just a thought as my very, very hectic and productive day has gone alone. As an added bonus I am becoming hyper efficient and more productive than I’ve probably ever been in my life.
By Haven Posted in work

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