Notable Milestones!

Hello Everyone! Today I’m extremely busy at work (read: no time to blog for real) but I’ve been meaning to mention a couple things for days now and keep getting busy and forgetful. I hit some blog milestones recently!
First: I passed my 300th post! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about that. I probably have a full length novel of blog posts collected here. Which, is pretty  much the point.
Last ( Or maybe Next): My followers have been growing steadily and I passed the 100 follower mark =) This makes me very happy. Most of you lurk out there instead of leaving a little comment love which is cool. ::smiles::
I feel like I should do something celebratory but I’m not sure what. I’m open to suggestions. Though I think for now I’ll just open the forum up to hear whatever questions, opinions, comments, random musing or drunken ramblings you may want to throw my way. Be it about BPD or yanno, anything, like what the name of my first dog was ( It was Raider btw).  Either in the comments or you can e-mail me ( ) whatever you like and I’ll share questions and answers at some point (keeping your ID anonymous if you so desire).  
Regardless, I love hearing from everyone that e-mails me and shares a few words or long stories. Sometimes it takes me a minute to write back but I always try.
So let’s hear what you have to say!

6 comments on “Notable Milestones!

  1. I'm very new to your blog! I've been reading the comments you leave on Pickleope's blog and they always make me snicker or sometimes its more of a grimace, but your comments are always clever to say the least. So curiosity finally got the better of me and now here I am polluting your comment section with run on sentences and pointless rambling blatherings and such.

  2. Congratulations on the milestones Haven!  Articulations of  your interior life and experience is an outstanding resource, not only for someone with BPD but anyone seeking to better understand emotion. …………..(¯'•(¯'•…………_/)/)……………(¯'•.(¯'•…….((…..((…………….(¯`'•(¯'•…((.)..(. ‘ /)……………..(¯`'•.(¯'((.)….|\_/…..,,,~”¯¯¯`'¯(_¸´(_.)……|…(((./………………………)__..((((.\……),,………..(…../__`\..))))..\ . .//…¯¯¯¯¯¯¯' \…/… / /.(((…../ .// ………….. | ./…..\/.)))…..| ||……………..| |………..♥♥♥((……..) \\……………..) \………..\|/.^^^^.""'"'.^^^^^^^..""".^^^^.""""

  3. Dear Haven, I'm one of those followers who lurk your blog. I get your post delivered to my mail and I come to read what you have said everytime I can. I find you life,, and most of all, how your mind works. Btw, I discovered today the meaning of lurking by reading your post. I'm from Uruguay,so English for me is a foreign language, then by reading your blog I get both, some practicing of you language and the chance of understanding how the mind of a borderline person thinks and behave. It's so enriching! I'm in contact with some relatives with Borderline disorder and it's not always easy, not to say imposible to get into their minds. By realing your lines I learn a lot. Also, I can see that all of us, to certain extent, share some characteristic of every disorder you mention in your blog, so, who can actually say we are perfrctly normal?Well, besides enjoying your posts and the way you open to us, I must confess I've learned a lot from you and your life, but also learn plenty of vocaulary that otherwise I wouldn't have even thought about. Today's word as "lurk" in the sense of reading but not providing any comment. Well, I guess after my comment today I've stopper being a lurker.I'll keep commenting from time to time, promise 🙂 I'm pleased to have found you online. Best regards, analía

  4. I'm new here also, but thanks for stopping by, congratulations on the 100, and may we suggest some MSPaint artwork as a celebration? As I like to think of it, it's "the people's" photoshop. If the people are poor, like I am. So draw us something awesome, eh?

  5. Hi Haven – You're blog provides such amazing insight and hope. Having a moment of clarity myself, going to try and hold on as long as possible!! – it's almost scary to feel better sometimes or scary that it won't last. I'll take it for the moment, though 🙂 Hope mixed with a little understanding seems to go a very long way! Thank you… I look forward to reading more…

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