You’ve got mail

I just want to say that I love, LOVE LOVE LOVE, getting mail from my Readers. Some people ask for advice, some people tell me how much they relate to what I say, a lot of people tell me their stories, some people tell me that for the first time ever they feel like they’re not alone…. and so much more.

I do my best to provide any kind of answers, advice, guidance, or just a friendly word that I can.

It’s funny, I pour myself into this blog because I want people to know and understand what it’s like, to have that validation that they’re not alone, but sometimes it does feel like I’m spilling myself out into the void. Hundreds, thousands of people “see” me, but I rarely see you (with a few fabulous exceptions). However the ones that do comment, or write me directly, it really does make me feel less alone. I just love to hear from people. Thank you for reading. Thank you for writing.

I really appreciate it. 

5 comments on “You’ve got mail

  1. Haven babe, I'm looking forward to your first book. And yes, you shall write a book on this one day and I will read it. (make sure you dedicate it to little ol me!) Hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. H. I enjoy coming over and sometimes comment. I will second the "write a book" idea. As a crazy man myself, i wrote one and feel better for having done it. You have a nice style an keen insights. Give it a shot.

  3. I just started reading your blog today. I too am on the borderline and it's nice to hear from someone who understands what it's like to live our life. thank you for sharing, i look forward to reading what you have to say!

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