Songs from Love Lost

An old boyfriend left me this message today: 

Hey there. Here is a song that I wrote about you shortly after I never saw you again. I wrote it and gave it to a local band from Chicago and they recorded it. Surprisingly, it never went anywhere (wink). I think that I could have sang it better, but then again, maybe not. Anyway, I gave it to them and it sums up how I felt about you at the time. I don’t expect a response, I just hope that you don’t hate it and will smile to know that you were inspirational in the world. Ha-av-en didn’t have quite the ring to it so it was changed to a Grandma’s name. All the best.


I don’t actually believe him, even though it’s something he would do, he lived in Chicago at the time, and has the means. Regardless I found it sweet. I just wish I had the lyrics. I actually have a hard time distinguishing what singers say all the time without reading them first.  It’s called Sorry Rose-Marie recorded by The Second Hand Poets.   (Click here to link) 

EDIT: Just spoke to him. Apparently this is all true. It’s a song he wrote 10 years ago (which is when we broke up) but he did. Wow. 
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5 comments on “Songs from Love Lost

  1. ::smiles:: I talk to him fairly often. And when he gets melancholy he writes me often expressing how he used to feel, quite sweetly. I think he does still care about me and we are now on very good terms (this relationship was 10 years ago so there has been a lot of time to heal).

  2. You have to hit the "Play" button icon on the blog, and then hit the play button again on the page you're linked too. This was the only link I could find on-line. I suppose I could just buy the damn song.

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