Enter the Asylum

It feels so dramatic when I say it that way.

I’ve been contemplating the idea of developing a sister blog to this one for a while now. Well. I did it. Basically it’s going to be a mash of all the rest of the elements of my life that don’t necessarily have to do with BPD. I swear, there is more to my life than just my BPD. A lot more. I feel guilty talking about it here though, so I’m making a new blog where I’ll jabber on about all things random and pointed. Food, crafts, geekery, Star Wars (yes this needs it’s own seperate geekery designation), costuming, love, life, madness… I probably won’t be quite so vigilant with that one as Beyond the Borderline Personality is my priority, but I thought it would be fun to show all the other wacky, random and crazy things I get up to. So come join me at:

Asylum: inviolable Haven

See you there. and here.

Oh! And this marks my 201st post! Hit the 200 post milestone today =)