Tweets Beyond the Borderline

This morning I woke up hours ago at approximately 3:35a.m.

Currently the sun is beginning to rise. The bird are beginning to chirp. The chickens are beginning to do their mechanical clucking thing.

Yes, chickens. No, I don’t live on a farm. My landlords are just a little, eccentric. Personally, I’m grateful we don’t have roosters.

In my insomniac delirium I decided it would be a wondrous idea to create a Twitter account. Why is this odd you may inquire? I am morally opposed to Twitter. Ok, maybe morally opposed is a little strong, but I’ve always found it rather pointless. However, as I sit here in my underwear pajamas, it strikes me that Twitter would be a fabulous way to monitor my moods. What better way to demonstrate the emotional volatility of my ever changing brain spaces than in short irregular bursts of verbiage?!?

So here’s the experiment.

Will I:
a.) Get bored of this idea very quickly and forget about it.
b.) Become so obsessed I forgot to function.

Either way it will be a delightful adventure into my conscious. I know I’m intrigued.

Follow me, shall you?