St. Patrick can burn in hell

Wear green, get drunk, destroy indigenous cultures. Practically the founding ideologies of this country. Well maybe not the wear green part. Alright, here’s my issue. St. Patrick was a Roman Catholic that came to Ireland to prosthelytize the region. In a nut shell, spread the word of Christianity in order to wipe out the heathens (read: Banishing the snakes from the island).
What’s wrong with being a heathen anyways? I’m a heathen. My beliefs and ideologies pull from across the globe, but I’m still a heathen. I’m no fan of Christianity (or any of the big 3 monotheistic religions) but I don’t deny anyone’s right to follow them. I may not agree with someone’s beliefs but I do respect the fact that people believe different things.  
However, if you try to wipe out my beliefs, I will show you why you have no right to impinge on them and display your ignorance with a childlike glee. Granted, now I won’t get burned at the stake for it, which, to be fair, was a concern at the time. But, still. We’re celebrating the destruction of a culture and the annihilation of an ancient belief system. That, I do not respect. People don’t even bother to consider what it is they’re toasting to.
When do we get to celebrate Indian Assimilation Day where we all wear war paint, feathers and smoke it up?
Do holidays really have any real meaning in this country? Or are they just an excuse to gather and get drunk? 
I understand the desire for camaraderie (says the girl that doesn’t like to be left alone), but do we need to exploit it? When does the commercialization corrupt the ceremonial spirit?
When so many things are arbitrarily recognized, it detracts from those things that are worthy of note or cause. Diminishes and devalues what should really be important.
Nothing is sacred anymore. Then again, I guess everyone has a different idea of what is sacred. If your idea of sacred is green beer and puking up a Car Bomb… Cheers.
By Haven Posted in rant