Comments from across the Borderline…

“I just want to thank you for creating this blog. It has helped me validate and understand a lot of issues I have dealt with in regard to BPD and inspired me to finally seek treatment. Again, I cannot thank you enough. I wish you the best.”

::smiles:: Thank you for such lovely thoughts. I am grateful to know that I have been able to reach out to you. You have my warmest wishes and support for all that lies ahead of you. Good luck. .

Comments from across the Borderline…

A reader left me this lovely message today.

 I really appreciate you sharing your experience on here, it really helps people like me to know that there are other people dealing with the same thing. At the same time, I wish I could help you as I know even if you can talk about this openly that it still hurts to some degree.

Yes, it is still painful to talk about. But also, like you, it helps me to know that others are going through the same thing. Even the small words of encouragement and connection make me feel better. Thank you.